In situations where cranes are impractical or too expensive Vision Air Services has the expertise to organize and coordinate your moving tasks. Whether in remote or built up areas, we draw on past successes in making a tough move safe, efficient and value added to our customers. In the past Vision Air Services has moved Satellite Dishes & Air Conditioners to rooftops, Gravel for septic fields on remote islands, small boats to fishing camps, Fuel Drums/ Propane Tanks to remote outposts, Generators to building tops after Huricane Juan for 911 communitcations and packages of construction supplies to remote islands or locals. Vision Air Services has all the necessary sling gear, lanyards and netting to further minimize cost to you.



Vision Air Services has worked on numerous film and photography projects. From feature films, tourism, offshore oil, port authorities, government, sports and special events; Vision Air Services ensures a quality end result for you. As well, we have an ongoing business relationship with the local source and operator for the Tyler® Nose and Side mounted Camera. Our helicopters can also be fitted with the WesCam® (now Pictorvision®) gyroscopically stabilized camera system. Whether your aim is to get a birds eye view photograph of your home or property from the air, or meeting deadlines for your film project a quality finished product for you is our aim. Check out the links section to learn more about these specialized camera systems.



Vision Air Services has ongoing contracts with Nova Scotia's Christmas tree growers to help with their fertilizing regimen. We have a large fibreglass bucket that facilitates different seed and fertilizer and experienced staff to coordinate these tasks in the field. Other examples of it�s potential uses would be to spread grass seed over large, uneven areas or for pipeline use making the land as attractive as possible again in a efficient and effective manner. Using the helicopter for these tasks minimizes further ground disturbance adding to the overall value of our services. .

Fire Suppression/Aerial Ignition/Emergency Support:

Fire Suppression/Aerial Ignition/Emergency Support

Some times one in the same; starting fires to stop advancing forest fires or the standard water bucketing suppression methods are both within the realm of expertise for Vision Air Services. We can also help with crew/ equipment movements should the need arise. Further to this, a single stretcher fitted, Medivac capable machine can assist with medical emergencies off the beaten track and in situations where crews could take hours to reach a victim. In the past, Vision Air Services has provided much needed assistance in situations where there is a threat to life, property and our natural resources.

Sight Seeing Tours:

Sight Seeing Tours

One of the most basic and common uses of our helicopters is to give passengers an unprecedented view of our great province. This could mean anything from taking a trip over Halifax to see a bustling port city at work or a trip up to the Bay of Fundy to see how the worlds highest recorded tides have and continue to shape our landscape. Other flights of interest could be a coastal flight along the Eastern shore to see the many salt marshes and surf breaks or flying over Peggy's Cove and viewing the the many beaches, islands and bays that make our province Canada's ocean playground. We are a flexible charter company, that being said, be creative and come up with your own heli- adventure and we can advise you on prices, potential for stops en route and what you can expect to see.

Special Events:

Special Events

Vision Air Services prides itself on its community involvement. On top of filming events from the air, we are able to enhance activities at a community event with helicopter rides. Pad Rides as they are sometimes called, make for an exciting addition to any fair, community festival or event. Vision Air Services supplies the aircraft, facilitates the safe and efficient loading of passengers giving them an exciting ride or view of the surrounding area. We have worked with the Make it Happen foundation as well, supplying helicopters for its golf ball drop lottery. This has been a huge success in the past, raising money for various charities. Please contact us for more details on how we can help make your event more exciting than ever.

Aerial Application:

Aerial Application

Vision Air Services has perfected its spraying regiment with its updated Vision Nav that effectively paints a real-time picture of a field/cut block on a moving map display. We have two loading trucks that our helicopters land on to facilitate quick turnarounds, safety and ease of landing in areas that might not be suitable. Vision Air prides itself on our quality control while spraying along with safety and environmental stewardship.