Vision Air Services has an outstanding safety record. Vision Air Services not only emphasizes aviation safety in general, but allows for a safe overall workplace. Vision Air Services Pilots combined, have logged well over 40,000 flight hours, on numerous different aircraft.

Our aircraft have been outfitted with a satellite flight following system which provides real-time aircraft flight tracking. This system can be accessed from any internet enabled computer. This serves as a backup to our in- house flight planning/ following. Each helicopter also has an onboard computer monitor coined ’VisionNav’. This system serves as both a moving map display and furnishes more specialized functions designed specifically for aerial application contracts. Our helicopters also have satellite phones as well as many other modifications to facilitate ease of maintenance, overall reliability and safety.

Vision Air Services is a team of highly trained, motivated individuals that have the knowledge and expertise to complete jobs in a safe and efficient manner.

Vision Air Services supplies our customers with a wide variety of services throughout the Maritime Provinces. We take the time to understand each customers individual needs and provide, safe, customized solutions. The end result is an outstanding reputation for safety, service and job completion.