Vision Air Services operates two Bell 206 JetRanger helicopters. The 206 is the worlds most popular and reliable commercial helicopter industry wide. These machines supply the best range and internal cargo space in the light turbine category. Ultimately making them a very cost effective 4 passenger helicopter. Have a look at our services and see how these versatile machines can work for you.


Bell 206 JetRanger
Bell 206 JetRanger
Average Cruising Speed: 120MPH
Passenger Seating Including Pilot: 5
Aircraft Max Gross Weight: Internal 3200lbs
External 3350lbs
Aircraft Average Empty Weight: 1850lbs
Fuel Consumption: 30 US gallons/hour
Range: 3 hours + 20 min reserve
Rotor Diameter: 33'
External Sling Load: 800lbs*

* Vision Air Services has all the necessary sling gear, lanyards and nets required for specialized moving tasks.

Considerations for external loading:

  1. Load weight decreases at higher temperature and altitude.
  2. Cruise speeds with external loading dependant on load shape or size, this typically results in airspeeds below average speed.
  3. External loading is calculated with minimum fuel aboard. Load weight decreases with the additional fuel required for range.